ABB 低压产品Low voltage products (2005-BGZO-2)2023.05.28

ABB 低压产品Low voltage products (2005-BGZO-2) 1SDA019490R1 1SDA011552R1 1SDA011744R1 1SDA011612R1 1SDA011804R1 1SDA011816R1 1SDA011828R1 1SDA011433R1 1SDA011625R1 1SDA019383R1 1SDA019491R1 1SDA011553R1 1SDA011745R1 1SDA011613R1 1SDA011805R1 1SDA...阅读全文

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ABB 低压产品Low voltage products (2005-BGZO-1)2023.05.28

ABB 低压产品Low voltage products (2005-BGZO-1) F1S1600R1600 4P D/O AR1/LI KL321 F1S1250R1250 4P D/O AR1/LI KL321 E3H2500 R1600 PR112/P-LSI WMP 3P YU220V E3N2500R2500 PR112/PDM-LSI 4P WMP YU220V E2N1600R1600 PR112/P-LSI W 3 YU220V,10CO ARC CHAMBER...阅读全文

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Wilo威乐水泵和配件-Pumps and Accessories (22BGDO)2023.05.24

  Wilo威乐水泵和配件-Pumps and Accessories (22BGDO) 110460994 110461094 110461197 110461290 110586593 110586696 110623098 110623190 110623293 110623396 110624092 110624195 110624298 110624390 110625097 110625292 110626790 110627199 1106272...阅读全文

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EATON伊顿低压电气和控制产品LV (22BQETO)2023.05.19

EATON伊顿低压电气和控制产品LV (22BQETO) HL-B6/1 194718 HL-B10/1 194719 HL-B16/1 194721 HL-B20/1 194722 HL-B25/1 194723 HL-B32/1 194724 HL-B40/1 194725 HL-B50/1 194726 HL-B63/1 194727 HL-B13/1 194720 HL-B6/1N 194738 HL-B10/1N 194739 HL-B16/1N 19...阅读全文

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Rockwell Automation 罗克韦尔自动化(23BLDAO-5)2023.05.18

  Automation 罗克韦尔自动化(23BLDAO-5) 800T-HX17 800T-HX17B 800T-HX17BY 800T-HX17C 800T-HX18 800T-HX19D1 800T-HX2 800T-HX2A 800T-HX2AV 800T-HX2B 800T-HX2BV 800T-HX2BY 800T-HX2D1 800T-HX2KB6ANXX 800T-HX2KB6EAXX 800T-HX4 800T-HX4B 800T-HX5 8...阅读全文

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Automation 罗克韦尔自动化(23BLDAO-4)2023.05.18

Automation 罗克韦尔自动化(23BLDAO-4) 440T-MMRSE10 440T-MMRSE100A0A 440T-MMRSE100A0B 440T-MMRSE100A0P 440T-MMRSE100B0B 440T-MMRSE100C0D 440T-MMRSE100COD 440T-MMRSE100F0G 440T-MMRSE100T0T 440T-MMRSE100Z0Z 440T-MMRSE10AAAA 440T-MMRSE10AAAB 440T-MM...阅读全文

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Automation 罗克韦尔自动化(23BLDAO-3)2023.05.18

Automation 罗克韦尔自动化(23BLDAO-3) 440F-K0304 440F-K0314 440F-K0410 440F-K0426 440F-K0509 440F-K0520 440F-K0527 440F-K0618 440F-K0620 440F-K0624 440F-K0627 440F-K0636 440F-K0710 440F-K0736 440F-K0816 440F-K0828 440F-K0915 440F-K0920 440F-K092...阅读全文

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Automation 罗克韦尔自动化(23BLDAO-2)2023.05.18

Automation 罗克韦尔自动化(23BLDAO-2) 194L-A12-2251 194L-A12-2252 194L-A12-2253 194L-A12-2254 194L-A12-2255 194L-A12-2501 194L-A12-2502 194L-A12-2503 194L-A12-2504 194L-A12-2505 194L-A12-3251 194L-A12-3252 194L-A12-3252-Q 194L-A12-3253 194L-A12-...阅读全文

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Automation 罗克韦尔自动化(23BLDAO-1)2023.05.18

Automation 罗克韦尔自动化(23BLDAO-1) 050-0028-00 050-0029-00 050-0033-00 1-899 100-0440-01 100-0440-03 100-0930-00 100-1809-00 100-1809-01 100-1809-02 100-1810-04 100-2028-00 100-2090-00 100-2090-01 100-2090-02 100-2090-03 100-2090-04 100-2090-...阅读全文

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ProSoft Technology 多协议通信接口模块communication interface modules for a multitude of protocols2023.05.18

ProSoft Technology 多协议通信接口模块communication interface modules for a multitude of protocols ICX35-HWC-E ICX35-HWC-A A-CANOR A-CANOR/B A-CNR A-DH485R/B A-DNTR A-J1939R AN-X2-AB-DHRIO AN-X2-GENI AN-X2-MOD AN-X2-SQD AN-X-AMX AN-X-PB AN-X-TI A-...阅读全文

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Trafomodern -变压器Transformator … …2023.05.18

Trafomodern -变压器Transformator … … DDK2.0-9.2 DSB1.3 DSB3.3(400V/3X400)ZN0 DT2.0(400V/460) DT5.0(690/400) DT6.3(400V/400V)DYN5 DT8.0(400V/230V)DYN5/CUR DTF80(480/400) DTF80(500/400) DTI0.1(400/200) DTI0.5(400V/400V-500VA) DTI1.0(500/...阅读全文

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IME系列电气产品-2023 IME多功能仪表Multifunction meters IME电能表Energy meters IME通迅软件Interfaces Software IME差动继电器Differential relay IME绝缘继电器Insulation relay IME测量继电器Measuring relay IME变送器/传感器Trasducers IME互感器Transfor...阅读全文

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Belimo 搏力谋 电动执行器、 阀门、 控制器Electric actuator, valve, controller(23BLDAO)2023.05.06

Belimo 搏力谋 电动执行器、 阀门、 控制器Electric actuator, valve, controller(23BLDAO) 01APS-101 01APS-101.1 01APS-104 01APS-104.1 01APS-105 01APS-10R 01APS-10R.1 01APS-10U 01APS-10U.1 01ATS-1040B 01ATS-104XC 01ATS-1050B 01ATS-105XC 01CT-1AH 01C...阅读全文

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TAMER – 电缆连接附件Accessories for cable connection2023.05.05

TAMER – 电缆连接附件Accessories for cable connection E1 115 – E1 104 E1 106 E1 110 E1 116- 125 E1 135 -E1 150 E1 170 – E1 195 E1 1120 – E1 1150 E1 1185 E1 1240 E1 1300 E1 1400 E1 1500 E1 215 – E1 204 E1 206 E1 210 E1...阅读全文

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Schneider Electric施耐德电气(23BQETO)2023.05.05

Schneider Electric施耐德电气(23BQETO) XB4FA11 XB4FA21 XB4FA31 XB4FA51 XB4FA61 XB4FA42 XB4FW31B5 XB4FW33B5 XB4FW34B5 XB4FW35B5 XB4FW36B5 XB4FW31M5 XB4FW33M5 XB4FW34M5 XB4FW35M5 XB4FW36M5 XB4FD21 XB4FD33 XB4FD53 XB4FJ21 XB4FJ33 XB4FJ53 XB4FG21 XB4F...阅读全文

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